1. Does MTWCD provide water that I use in my home?
No. Potable (drinking) water is provided by a water utility service through the city of Palm Bay, West Melbourne, or your own well if your property is not supplied with city water.

2. Can I draw water from the canals for irrigation?
No. Do not use water from district canals for irrigation, or any otherĀ purpose, due to ongoing aquatic vegetation herbicide treatments.

3. I live along a canal. Can I use the canal right-of-way behind my home for personal use or placement of personal objects?
No. District policy prohibits the personal use of District right-of-ways. Fences, sheds, vehicles, and gardens/vegetation should be placed within the homeowners property line and not on District property. Obstructions in District owned right-of-ways not only prevent daily maintenance but also can create drainage blockages when objects are blown into canals during severe storms.

4. When and where are the MTWCD board meetings held?
The MTWCD Board Meetings are advertised as legal notices in the Florida Today and are held on the 4th Tuesday of every other month at 9:00 am in the West Melbourne Council Chambers, Veterans Memorial Complex, 2285 Minton Road, W. Melbourne, FL 32904.

5. How much is my MTWCD annual fee?
Your MTWCD annual user fee rates for fiscal year 2023/2024 are $25.00 per acre, or portion there-of, for residential parcels, $52.50 per acre, or portion there-of, for commercial parcels, and $8.50 per acre, or portion there-of, for agricultural parcels. These User Fees are billed on your Brevard County tax bill.

6. Are motorized vehicles authorized on canal right-of-ways?
No. All motorized vehicles are prohibited on district right-of-ways.

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