Permitting Process

Minton Rd bridge circa 1930

                                 Minton Road Bridge over Canal C-1 (circa 1930)

Any encroachments (storm water discharge and/or any canal crossings) must be permitted by Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District by submitting a permit application, permit fee, and design drawings and stormwater calculations.    All permit applications are reviewed by the District engineer and approved by the MTWCD Board of Directors.  The approval is granted by the issuance of a permit which authorizes the requested encroachment.  The District issues permits to authorize work within any District rights-of-way.  Issuance of a District permit does not relieve the permittee from any obligation to obtain appropriate federal, state, regional and local approvals/permits.  The Districts permits do not convey any property rights or privileges other than those specified in the permit.

Below are links to the Permit Requirements and Permit Application.  If you need further assistance please contact the MTWCD office at 321-723-7233.

 NOTE: The District is requiring the use of 9.5″ rainfall for development of lands within the District boundary for design of the 25 year/24 hour storm event.

Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District Permitting Policy

Permit Application 

Notice of Completion

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